JirnexuJirnexu - Asia Full Stack FinTech Solutions Provider

Customer acquisition and lifecycle management solutions built to achieve your targets, month after month

  • Today's consumers think mobile-first, so be there to greet them by innovating the way you generate leads online

  • Leverage the power of Jirnexu’s financial comparison tools to increase your inbound leads and win new customers

  • Simplify your digital application and fulfilment processes with Jirnexu’s solutions, and keep those new customers loyal

Industries we work with

Like you, we’d love to be of service to everyone. One day. For now, you’ll find that we’ve become Asia’s only full stack FinServ and FinTech company because we’ve specialised in getting to know a few industries inside and out (and building that trust means more to us than world domination right now!)

  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • e-Commerce

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Our Brands & Solutions

Jirnexu delivers end-to-end digital acquisition tools and solutions for FSIs and service providers in Asia.

In Asia, the path to purchase often starts on a mobile device. Then converting that online lead into a customer depends greatly on the perceived value of an offer, the trust in its brand, and the level of convenience in applying online. Jirnexu is proud to build end-to-end digital acquisition and lifecycle solutions that help your campaigns create buzz in the market and generate positive results anytime, anywhere, and on any device.